How To Become an iOS Developer

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Being passionate about iOS development? Thinking of having a long journey in the life of making awesome iOS applications and addictive games? Here are some steps for you to deepen into the world of creation, using your logical thinking.

Step 1: Be interested in iOS development This is the most important part. It is extremely difficult to become good at something without being passionate about it. So, your best friend that will keep up with you all the time is strong motivation for building amazing apps. As soon as you are determined and curious in what you doing, the key of success is in your pocket.

However, it is possible to become an iOS developer without having any passion about it. You can still develop games and applications and make your work done, but how well? It would be very hard and at least not funny at all. Some things are very difficult to handle because mobile development is not an easy area in software engineering. Mobile apps have to run in a difficult environment. Compared to simple computers, the resources are quite limited: CPU performance, battery life, memory and network connectivity. Thus, once you are not passionate enough, things will get hard to understand.

To sum up, why do you have to complicate yourself? Just be interested in what you are doing and you will find your happiness. If not, congratulations, you have chosen the Dark Side.

Step 2: Study the basics Now it is time to learn the basics. Of course there are lots of ways to do it, but here is the guide we would like to present.

First, find and read a good book about iOS development for beginners. It assumes you have some experience in programming, but if not, it is not a big deal, don't worry. You should probably start with Swift programming. (see also Swift: A new iOS programming language)

It is very ok to focus on Swift at the beginning due to the fact that it is the main programming language for iOS development. Later, you should also learn Objective-C, because many existing apps, libraries and resources are written in Objective-C language, so it is extremely important to understand all the concepts.

Then, find some video courses and tutorials for a better understanding to deepen into small details and some of the advanced topics. Of course you will discover lots of things that cannot be understood immediately. This is absolutely ok and do not get stressed. You can skip certain concepts at the beginning and get back to them when ready.

Step 3: Keep practising! Theory enough, it is time to practice! It is the second part of the learning process. You have to sit in front of you Mac and try out everything you read or watch online. While practising what you have studied, you improve your programming skills and memory. The best way to learn to do something is through an example, thus, just open Xcode keep practising! If you are not, then the time is just wasted.

Step 4: Try building your first application If you want to see the progress you have made, start making your very first project. The first application or game is very important and does not require innovative ideas, always start small! Even though there are already similar apps, it doesn't matter, the goal is to build your first project.

Try thinking of what you would like to create, something that motivates you or something that bothers you and act immediately. Try to design your application so that it looks attractive and then go into coding part.

After completing your project the main idea is to feel proud of yourself and analyse your progress. Especially, if you upload it in the AppStore so that people can check what you have done.

Step 5: Experience needed! Try to get a job Once you have learnt the basics and already built your first app, try to get a job as an iOS developer or even a tester, in this way you gain high-performance skills and best practical knowledge for improving yourself and becoming even better!

Step 6: Do not be lazy! Keep learning! Do not think that learning Swift and Objective-C is all you need to know, it is not true. The most amazing thing about software engineering is always learning something new and keeping up with the world of technology. It is never enough and do not give up.